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Low end fan exposure high air conditioning was suppressed

Recently, AQSIQ issued the 2012 national quality supervision and inspection results of fan quality. The results show that, 70 kinds of products, 13 products do not meet the standard requirements, the failure rate as high as 18.6%.
Electric fan, this former summer cool home appliance overlord, now has been reduced to the point of not pleasing to each other, the low-end fan quality hidden dangers, high-end fan share was air-conditioned eating. Did the old hegemon repeat the demise of black and white television or seek another way to survive?
Small household appliances exposure quality problems
It is understood that the spot checks involving Zhejiang, Guangdong, Chongqing and other 5 provinces, municipalities and 70 enterprises produced 70 kinds of fan products, including the United States, GREE and other brands. Spot checks include 21 parts: protection of live parts, leakage current and electrical strength, air flow, energy efficiency, noise and so on.
The results show that, including the ambitious, morning drill and other 13 products do not meet standards, unqualified projects involving air, protection, stability and mechanical hazards, noise on access to live parts etc.. More than half of the fans suffer from insufficient air flow.
In this regard, the home appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng analysis said, the electric fan in the low-end product itself profits thin, plus the price war between enterprises, in order to survive, many companies will cut corners, simplify the process, thus leading to product quality problems.
Experts believe that the electric fans and other appliances have been repeatedly sampling of quality problems exist, it also exposes the small appliance industry long-term problems, there is a short board in the quality control, compared to the overall level of quality and large appliances, small household appliances product quality there is large gap.

Energy saving and comfort is the future direction of electric fan industry

With the debut summer end and “autumn”, “electric fans began to debut”. However, AQSIQ recently on the fan products of the national supervision and spot check results show that 70 kinds of fan products, there are 13 kinds of standards do not meet the requirements, the failure rate of 18.6%.
“For the fans of such a relatively mature, the development is relatively stable product quality, about 80% of the eligible rate is somewhat low, indicating that the overall quality level of the industry still needs to be improved, but also the needs of enterprises to pay more attention to product quality, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises.” Xu Dongsheng, Secretary General of the China Household Appliances Association, told this newspaper reporter that.
Enterprise quality consciousness should “charge””
It is understood that the spot checks involving Zhejiang, Guangdong, Chongqing and other 5 provinces, municipalities and 70 enterprises produced 70 kinds of fan products, including the United States, GREE and other brands. Spot checks include 21 parts: protection of live parts, leakage current and electrical strength, air flow, energy efficiency, noise and so on. The result shows, including morning hung, drilling and other 13 products do not meet standards, unqualified projects involving air, protection, stability and mechanical hazards, noise on access to live parts etc.. More than half of the fans suffer from insufficient air flow.
“Most of these projects are about safety, performance and other basic indicators, these indicators are not in line with standards requirements, indicating that many products in quality, and even the basic requirements are not clearance.” Xu Dongsheng pointed out that an important cause of the occurrence of such a situation, many enterprises because of cost considerations, do not pay attention to quality control in investment, resulting in electric fan product quality problems. This problem also exposed the long-standing problems of small household electrical appliance industry, there is a short board in quality control, compared with the overall quality level of electrical products, there is a big gap in the quality of small household electrical appliances.
Appliance analyst Liang Zhenpeng said that the technical threshold of electric fan is not high, now even the most basic quality and safety are not guaranteed, because the low-end products as the electric fan itself profits thin, and enterprises in order to reduce costs, shoddy work, reduce technological requirements, guide to fan low qualified rate.
Industry development tends to be stable
In recent years, with the air conditioning family is gaining popularity, especially in large and medium-sized city, on the electric fan industry development fate, has attracted widespread attention outside the industry, and even some people called the “sunset industry”. In this case, the traditional electric fan can only be low, convenient, compact and other aspects of survival.
Agencies have on China’s 11 large and medium-sized city appliance stores consumers conducted a survey showed that part of the consumer choice of electric fan is based on the price factor to buy nearly 52%; the appearance and function of the factors of electric fan for the leading consumer factors, plays a role in determining the larger.
Reporters in Beijing Gome, Suning Appliance stores interviewed 16 consumers, they said, although the house has installed air conditioning, but will still buy the electric fan in Beijing is not very hot, the electric fan is used more power.

Selection skills of electric fans

1. see random files, each fan of the random documents, including the use manual, product qualification certificate, electrical wiring diagram and packing list, purchase in accordance with the packing list check, check the quantity and quality of parts.
2. see net cover and the blades have obvious deformation in the assembled electric fan net cover, with a pen point to a fan of the highest point, slowly moving blades, the distance of several other fan blades and the corresponding point pen should be very similar, then rotate the fan, observe whether the rotation of light and flexible. You can stop at any position.
3., to see whether the control mechanism is flexible, control institutions include speed control switch, timing knob, shake head switch, lighting switch, etc., these control mechanisms should be flexible and reliable contact. For speed regulation, no two gears are allowed at the same time. Press the stop button, each speed block should be reset properly.
4. see activity part of the performance of electric fan pitching angle of the flexible operation, reliable locking and adjustment to the maximum depression or head to the final position, net cover shall collide with fan pillar. When the fan is running, the stability is better, it can not be dumped, and the angle of shaking should not be less than 60 – 80 degrees.
5., to see the starting performance, startup performance is an important quality index of electric fans. The inspection, should be adjusted in the slow block, and in the power supply rated voltage 85%, start the electric fan with the regulator will be 220 volts to 187 volts, the electric fan should be able to start from the rest, and the normal operation of an electric fan from the start to the shorter time of normal operation, the better starting performance fan motor.
6., look at the operation and speed control performance, after power, will shake head switch reciprocating rotation several times, check whether failure or assembly too tight, in this process, fan mechanical transmission part should not have abnormal noise. When the fan is running at high, medium and low speed, the motor and fan blade should be stable, small vibration and low noise. Fan, should be shut down without a break, agile, stagnation and jitter phenomenon, each gear speed difference should be obvious, the bigger the better wind angle. When the fan stops, the axial clearance of the shaft is no more than 0.5 centimeters, the clearance is too large, and it will cause axial movement and impact when it is running.
7. to see whether the leakage of electric fan power, if the hand touch has strong hemp inductance, used shidianbi test, test pencil can light display, can judge the housing leakage, can not be used.
8., look at the continuous operation of the fan performance, continuous operation of the fan after 2 hours, if the head surface of the shell is hot, indicating that the temperature is too high, can not be selected. Under normal circumstances, the nose shell surface temperature below 50 degrees Celsius, will not have a very hot feeling.

How to use and maintain the electric fan properly?

1. before use, should read the instructions in detail, fully grasp the structure of the fan, performance and installation, use and maintenance methods and matters needing attention.
2. desktop and floor fans must use three core plugs and sockets with a safety grounding wire. The ceiling fans should be installed on the ceiling and can not be equipped with ground wires.
3. fan blade is an important component, whether in installation, disassembly, scrub or use, we must strengthen the protection, in order to prevent deformation.
4., the operation of each function switch, button, knob, the action can not be too fierce, too fast, and can not press two buttons simultaneously.
5., ceiling fan speed knob should be slow rotation, should not be rotated in the stall position, otherwise easy to ceiling fan heating, burning machine.
After 6. fans for a long time, the fan leaves are easy to touch a lot of dust. This is the electric fan at work, because the fan and air friction between the blades with the electrostatic charged objects can attract properties of lightweight objects, which can absorb indoor fine dust floating by. The oil or dust of the electric fan should be removed in time. Do not use gasoline or alkaline solution to wipe off the function of paint parts.
Hot, such as 7. electric fans in the process of using abnormal smell, his head is ineffective, the rotational speed of the fault, do not continue to use, should be promptly cut off the power supply maintenance.
8., before collecting fans, should completely remove the surface oil, ash accumulation, and wipe with dry soft cloth, and then wrapped in kraft paper or clean cloth. Storage sites should be dry, ventilated, avoid extrusion

Common faults of fan, too maintenance skills

Failure cause
1, poor maintenance, long-term lack of lubricating oil. The fan shaft part is to make sure that there is grease, or that the fan cannot drive on it. If you are at home, you can choose to turn off the power, and then pull the blade, if the rotation is stiff, basically no lubrication.
2, wear caused by a long time. If a fan is used for a long time, the motor will be worn out and the shaft sleeve of the motor will be burnt easily after being abraded.
3, overheating caused by fan does not turn. The fan device is composed of a motor, a circuit breaker motor overheating, if local coil winding short circuit occurs, will let the heat increase in a short time, this case motor will “strike” real.
4 、 start capacitance smaller. When the fan is used for a long time, the capacity of the capacitor will be reduced, which will cause the motor to start torque less and can not drive the load.
5 、 electrical failure problems, such as line damage, etc.

Price increases, fans leave the high-end route

Although air conditioning has become very popular, but there are still many consumers love electric fans, in the final analysis, the price of electric fans cheaper, easy to move, very suitable for moving low consumption of rental housing crowd. However, the author found that, at present, most of the fans, air conditioners, fans and other small household appliances prices are significantly higher than in previous years, one hundred or two hundred yuan less and less products.
I saw in Beijing Gome store in Madian, less than 100 yuan products almost disappeared, the ordinary table fan to fan the nearly 200 yuan, the price from 300 yuan to 1000 yuan, a relatively high-end tower fan and air conditioning fan prices may be more than 1000 yuan, many consumers are no doubt: the low-end air conditioning it is only 2000 yuan to spend nearly a thousand dollars to buy a fan worth?
It is understood that the high price of electric fan usually increase the remote control, touch operation and LED display design on the fuselage, plus some mute energy-saving motor brand promotion, the rising prices of electric fan. Although the use of comfort and product technology has improved, but prices will also grow exponentially, consumers want to buy affordable products become more and more difficult.
Not only the ordinary electric fan prices rise, air-conditioning fan since the launch has been high general electric fan, because it can be regulated through the ice and water cooling, the cooling effect is better than the electric fan, the price is also expensive behoove. But in recent years, hundreds of dollars can enjoy the cool, affordable, but this year will spend thousands of dollars, consumers will also be “cool”?
Experts pointed out that in the home appliance industry, high-end, intelligent is the ultimate goal of many manufacturers products, can be applied to the field of small household electrical appliances, and market and consumer feedback, at least from the current point of view, the replacement of a motor or a remote control, but that consumers to spend hundreds of dollars, obviously not reliable.
Electric fans are one of the first small appliances to promote energy efficiency labeling. Many brands in the store also start with energy efficiency signs. In accordance with the relevant standards, the fan energy efficiency rating is divided into 3 grades, 1 for high-end, low energy consumption products. According to the formula of the energy efficiency mark, the energy efficiency ratio of the fan is divided into the value of the power consumption divided by the output air rate, and the greater the energy efficiency ratio, the more obvious the energy saving effect is. A lot of electric fan manufacturers in order to improve the air volume, reducing power, have started to develop a high efficiency motor, in the supermarket, such a fan claimed in the ideal environment for 1 block wind use 8 hours a day, 52 days only 1 kwh of electricity. Of course, ordinary families could not use the 1 block and environmental wind speed, voltage, mechanical wear and other factors will also increase the actual power consumption, moreover, fan power itself is not large, energy-saving and non energy saving products that can make up for the gap between the price of several hundred dollars, is debatable.
Many consumers also have different views on the increasingly popular remote control of electric fans. Most electric fans are now equipped with remote controls. But I understand that, with remote control fan prices in more than 500 yuan, and other functions, a remote control will increase the cost of more than 200 yuan, so many profits so many consumers feel incredible

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